A Student's Guide to Study Abroad in France

William Tsai

Having never stepped foot in France before my study abroad experience, I had very little idea of what to expect aside from the information that had been given to me by the study abroad office. Upon my arrival, there were so many intricate details that I had to learn, which could sometimes be stressful and confusing. While my experience of overcoming those obstacles was invaluable, I wanted to consolidate all of that newfound knowledge so that future generations of study-abroad students would not have to make the same learning mistakes I did. What initially began as a couple of bullet points in my notes app grew to become a full-fledged guide. When I proposed this to the MCLC department as a potential independent study project, they were ecstatic. With the support and encouragement of Dr. Wood, Dr. Couti, and Dr. Fette, I began my work—which culminated in a 50+ page comprehensive guide covering everything from the visa application to the best spots to eat at. My hope is that the guide will be a living document that is continually updated as policies change and new classes of study-abroad students contribute. I would like to extend once more my gratitude to the MCLC department, the study abroad office, and Sciences Po for helping me throughout my time in France.